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Double Wing

~ the Theory of Attraction was one of the center points of The Dry Fly -- New Angles. The Double Wing series of dry flies is designed to work with that theory.

We have eight important color variations: Brown = early evening; Gray = overcast days; Lime = afternoon; Orange = dusk; Pink Lady = early morning; Royal = brightest sun with glare on water; White = shaded areas; Yellow = midday.

(p. 168 of Trout Flies)

Double Wing, yellow

Double Wing, royalType in any
quantity desired
of various
color and size
Gray 12 14 blank
Lime 12 blank blank
12 blank blank
Pink Lady
12 14 16
Yellow 12 14 blank
$12.00 per pack
(6 flies per pack)


It was a tight voting race on the web site for choosing the Winter 2005 Private Label Fly pattern (click above for story and tying instructions). The Emergent Sparkle Pupa was a very close runner to the Double Wing. Had Charles Chlysta not sent in his timely "Patriot" variation of the Double Wing, we may have had to choose differently. We will keep the ESP in mind for a future Book Mailer. But, for now, help is available for the ESP on our web site. Scroll down to the bottom the home page until you see the "cool-dude" fish. Click on him to find great photos and tying instructions for the ESP at Just one of the good things here at We also have a great new photo of the Featured LaFontaine Fly Pattern winner, the Patriot Double Wing. Many thanks to Paul Stimpson for sending us the sample he tied up. He chose a large size 8, to make my photo taking easier.

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Patriot Double Wing

click photo for larger picture

Size 8-16 dry fly (Daiichi 1180)
Red, (Uni-Thread)
3/0 #8-10; 6/0 #12-14; 8/0 #16 and smaller
Brown antron stub
Blue floss (or Blue Krystal flash)
Medium-brown to dark-tan deer/elk body hair. (ComparaDun hair works well as does elk hock)
Red antron dubbing
Furnace brown
White kip tail
Brown, dry fly quality


• Place hook in vise and attach thread to cover the rear 2/3 of the hook shank. Bring thread over the hook barb to start.

• Tie in a short tail of brown antron. Make it no longer than the gap of the hook, shorter is better, as it is a stub tail. Comb out the tail as needed.

• Wrap a short section of the rear of the shank with several strands of blue floss to form the tip. End just beyond the barb of the hook and before the point.

• Stack and tie in the rear wing of deer hair, making sure it is even with the end of the tail.

• Tie in the body hackle. Touch dub a body of red antron leaving the front 1/4 of the shank for the front wing, hackle, and head of the fly.

• Palmer the body hackle evenly forward over the touch dubbed body, tie it off, and clip flat top and bottom.

• Stack and tie in the front wing of calf tail so that it extends over the entire fly, making sure it is even with the end of the rear wing and tail.

• Wrap a full head hackle and whip finish the head.



"This pattern holds a special place for me both because it is my go-to attractor pattern and especially because it was inspired by my use of Gary LaFontaine's Double Wing series. I devised it after having very good success with Charlie Meck's Patriot and I thought I would try applying the Patriot color scheme to the Double Wing design. Well, it worked better than I ever imagined.

It has consistently taken trout in Vermont on the Middlebury and the New Haven Rivers, in Michigan on the Au Sable and Manistee Rivers, in Wyoming on the North Platte, in Alberta on the Crowsnest, and all over Yellowstone Park. If I had to fish with only one attractor pattern, this would be it."

--Charles Chlysta, III (OH)

Well Charles, this is one well-traveled fly. Thank you very much for your letter and sharing your tying instructions and kudos. We sent your letter on to Paul Stimpson and he had some comments of his own.



"The Patriot Double Wing looks to be a fun fly to tie and fi sh. After looking at the pattern I grabbed Gary's book The Dry Fly New Angles (see page 206) to see what he has to say about the color red as an attractor, and he stated that the color red is a good attractor because it reminds the fish of blood, which makes them attack instinctively. Because of the way light rays penetrate the air, this color is more brilliant early and late rather than in the bright of mid-day.

I suggest tying this pattern with red thread to match the dubbed body of red antron. I don't recommend 12/0 thread for this fly. It's too small to tie in the hair wings and breaks to easily. I use 3/0 for size 8-10, 6/0 for 12-14, and 8/0 for size 16 and smaller.

I also stack the front wing just to make the fly look better. (If the fl y looks good you'll fi sh with more confidence.) You might also mention that of Gary's twelve Double Wing colors, none have a red body. The Royal Double Wing has a red tag. The fly looks great and I look forward to tying and fishing it. If you read the paragraph on the color red in Gary's book, it explains why and when the red color will work best. I know first hand that during an orange sunset, the Orange Double Wing is incredible. I'm going to try the red (Patriot) when the sunset isn't quite as orange."

--Paul Stimpson (UT)

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